Mark Draws Line Between Drew Doodles

Sunday, March 23, 2008

In a recent post, Drew uploaded some of his doodles. He remarked that his rendition of a cat was a subconscious remembering of Alexandre from Home Movies. Coincidentally, I'm currently poring over archives of my past work for the Daily Nexus in order to find material worthy of uploading on my website that's currently under construction. That's how I noticed a little comic called "Mr. Pants" that Drew did draw many years ago and its resemblance to the recent doodle he done did days ago. Notice the similarities with the curled tail, the circular patch of belly fur, the triangular nose and the mustache-like snout. I think he was subconsciously remembering Mr. Pants rather than Alexandre.

Posted by Batalla at 4:40 PM  


God that's funny - I just checked Drew's site before coming here to check up on you, and I thought the exact same thing regarding Mr. Pants.

Meg said...
10:05 PM  

Ah, but that's how I draw every cat! Garfield is Sylvester is Heathcliff is Felix.

Well, Garfield is Heathcliff anyway, but you get my point.

Drew said...
4:20 PM  

Also, could a doodle by Drew be fairly called a Drewdle?

Meg said...
11:37 AM  

You know, now I'm going to have to find the Home Movies DVD and post a screengrab of Alexandre to see which looks more like the Drewdle Cat.

Drew said...
11:56 AM  

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