Hullabaloo: Grey's Filmography

Saturday, March 15, 2008

So researching for this current story arc has caused me to watch more episodes of "Grey's Anatomy" than I'd be satisfied with for an entire lifetime. At first, I thought I disliked the show because of its overly soapy nature or its swiping of "Scrubs." Now I'm beginning to realize it has to do with the writing, and specifically with the dialogue. At times it seems to be trying too hard to be witty by coining new phrases and in-jokes. Add to that the nonchalant delivery of the dialogue by the cast, and it starts to get really annoying. It's not something unique to "Grey's" either. I've felt the same way about portions of "Clerks 2," "Juno" and the later seasons of "Buffy" and "Angel." I feel if "Grey's" scaled it back a bit, I might actually start enjoying the show.

Updating on Saturdays feels too close to the wire in regards to the contest I'm having with Megan. Plus, someone recommended I handwrite the text and draw the bubbles around them so that it would mesh better with the art. If I can get the strip done earlier, then I should be able to try those changes. We'll see if I can get things together for this upcoming week.

Also, I just started work on a personal website. Hopefully it will be ready for launch in April.

Posted by Batalla at 3:53 PM  


Yeah, I find I've always preferred the handwritten and handbubbled.

Also: Wasn't Tress wearing shorts? I think that falls under one of those consistency things you're trying to work on.

I do think you've gotten the feel of each of the shows, though I'm far more familiar with "Scrubs," and hardly familiar enough with either to legitimately comment. Your caractures are especially impressive, and I like how they work with the theater setting.

Meg said...
3:21 PM  

She's still wearing shorts. The cut off is being blocked by Austin's arm.

Batalla said...
12:39 AM  

Oh, I see. I mistook the line that denotes the back of her leg for the seam of a pair of jeans.

Meg said...
10:08 PM  

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