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Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's been months since I've done any sequential storytelling so I kept things simple, at least in regards to composition and panel layout. Everything else was a bit more complicated. I had to always be aware of perspective, reflection, body language, texture and numerous details on clothing. I started to get lazy towards the end with the water effects. I wanted to get this done today because I could've had it done earlier in the week if not for many, many unexpected delays.

Posted by Batalla at 9:26 PM  


I think that's a grand idea.

What'll be at stake? Pride? Or something more substantial? And what kind of a posting schedule are you looking at?

Meg said...
9:00 AM  

Yes yes, this sounds wonderful. Who were you thinking of involving? the 24th sounds good for the start of posting, though I think I'm going to want to start going twice weekly very soon after that.

First bet: fast food item?

Let me know what's up. It might be a good thing to Facebook all this.

Meg said...
6:39 PM  

Oh wait, I see you have.

Meg said...
6:40 PM  

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